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Why I Wrote Gut Insight, the Guide to Probiotics and Prebiotics

I wrote Gut Insight for you, the consumer. You are bombarded daily with new findings in nutrition and medical research. Some findings are contradictory while others contribute to a consensus of science-based recommendations. Both large and small food and beverage companies respond with new products reflecting the findings. Advertisements and commercials portray the benefits of their products. Then you are faced with a multitude of choices from which to select.

Gut Insight is a guide. The book is designed to communicate the science supporting the recent surge of interest in digestive health and to interpret for you the science supporting the use of probiotics and prebiotics. I relied on my colleague, Susan Anderes, a librarian, for her skill in sleuthing medical research papers and other information. By doing this in an easy-to-read and simple to understand way, I want to empower you to make choices with a full understanding of exactly what you are purchasing and feeding yourself and your family.

As a nutritionist, trained in public heath, this is a natural task; I communicate the science of nutrition and its application to you, the public. Its application obviously involves food choices. The book promotes natural food and healthy food choices. Wild onions are on the cover of the book because onions are a major prebiotic food source; yogurt is pictured on the back cover as it is the most important and accessible probiotic food source.

Enjoy, and please do communicate your thoughts and impressions since I wrote it for you.

Jo Ann Hattner, MPH, RD


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