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Why I Wrote It

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Why An e-Book?

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Gut Insight as an e-Book?

We had several reasons for deciding to publish with an e-book. First, we wanted to be green and modern, saving paper and fuel for shipping. We chose a font — Verdana — that is easy to read on a computer screen. We added web links that we thought would enhance the book and that you can link to directly from the book. We used color graphics and photos that would significantly raise the price of a print version.

Gut Insight is a serious and well-researched book. We envision its use as a valuable resource on your personal computer that you can access at any time. It will be a meaningful addition to your e-library.

The e-book is available from Amazon in Kindle format or, from Google Books as an e-Pub or PDF.

Prefer a print copy? The print version is available in print from or from

Keep in mind that the print book will be more expensive, might entail shipping costs, will have black and white photos in place of color, and will not have immediately accessible web links.

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